Unidata Update: December 2021

In case you missed it — here's a recap of news from the Unidata Program Center for the month of December, 2021.

We at the Unidata Program Center wish you a Happy New Year, and we're hoping to see you at the AMS meeting in Houston!

UCAR continues to follow physical distancing guidelines, and Unidata Program Center staff are continuing to work from home at this time. We're all still available by e-mail and other electronic means to help with your data and software needs. Please don't hesitate to write to us if there is something we can do to help keep your science up and running.

Upcoming deadlines to be aware of:

4 February Student Summer Internship Applications
25 March Unidata 2022 Community Equipment Awards Proposals

Highlights from last month:

Note: There were an unusual number of software releases in December, all in quick succession. The majority of these are addressing a series of security vulnerabilities in a widely used third-party library (log4j). We are hopeful that we have addressed all of these issues, but the security community is still actively investigating and may discover additional vulnerabilities that we'll need to respond to. Please stay tuned.

AWIPS Tips: Explore the CAVE Volume Browser: Model Soundings


This tip is another exploration into one of the many features of CAVE's Volume Browser.

Unidata Summer Student Internships Available!

Summer Internships

The Unidata Summer Internship offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work with Unidata Program Center staff on projects drawn from a wide variety of areas in the atmospheric and computational sciences. As a Unidata intern, you'll pursue the goal of adding innovative enhancements to data access, analysis, and visualization tools developed within Unidata.

NetCDF operators (NCO) version 5.0.4


Version 5.0.4 of the netCDF Operators (NCO) has been released. NCO is an Open Source package that consists of a dozen standalone, command-line programs that take netCDF files as input, then operate (e.g., derive new data, average, print, hyperslab, manipulate metadata) and output the results to screen or files in text, binary, or netCDF formats.

THREDDS Data Server version 5.2 Released


The THREDDS Data Server (TDS) version 5.2 release was announced on December 10th, 2021. This is a minor release that addresses a severe third party library security vulnerability.

THREDDS Data Server Version 4.6.18 Released


The Unidata THREDDS Development Team released an updated version of the THREDDS Data Server (TDS) (and bundled netCDF-Java/Common Data Model (CDM) library) on December 10th, 2021. This release addresses a severe third party library security vulnerability. TDS 4.6.x administrators are encouraged to upgrade to version 4.6.18.

Happy Holidays from AWIPS Tips!


In this Tip, we're reflecting on a great year of sharing tips, resources, and announcements with you, the Unidata AWIPS community.

netCDF-Java version 5.5.1 released


The Unidata THREDDS development ream released netCDF-Java 5.5.1 on December 20th, 2021. In addition to several bug fixes and dependency upgrades, this is the first version of netCDF-Java that has read support for the Zarr data model.

TDS versions 4.6.19 and 5.3 released


In response to vulnerabilities in the log4j library, the THREDDS development team has released new versions of the TDS 4.6.x and 5.x.

Call for Proposals: Unidata 2022 Community Equipment Awards

Equipment Awards

The Unidata Program Center is pleased to announce the opening of the 2022 Unidata Community Equipment Awards solicitation. For 2022, a total of $100,000 is available for awards; proposals for amounts up to $20,000 will be considered.

AWIPS 18.2.1-3 Software Release


AWIPS 18.2.1-3 is a new release to both EDEX and CAVE (on Windows, MacOS, and Centos7/RHEL7). This release of EDEX has several new features and bug fixes.

Unidata Staff at AMS 2022 Meeting

AMS 2022

Members of the Unidata Program Center staff will be attending the 102st annual American Meteorology Society meeting, to be held 22-27 January 2022 in Houston, TX. The included schedule lists sessions or posters presented by staff members.

On the Developer's Blog

Unidata Program Center developers write regularly on technical topics on the Unidata Developer's Blog. In December, the MetPy Mondays series talks about speeding up Matplotlib plots, using the degree symbol, things that may slow your Python scripts, and manipulating the screen cursor.

Governing Committee News

Unidata's Users Committee fall 2021 sessions consisted of a series of virtual meetings in September, October, and November.

Unidata's Strategic Advisory Committee fall 2021 session consisted of a series of virtual meetings in September, October, and November.


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