• AWIPS Tips: Using CAVE Displays and Procedures AWIPS Tips: Using CAVE Displays and Procedures
    October 6, 2021
    AWIPS Tips

    Welcome back to AWIPS Tips! Today’s tip is all about productivity and saving time. Do you have a series of products you always use, or combinations of resources you always select from the Volume Browser or Product Browser? Do you always change the appearance of certain products? Have you ever wanted to share a group of configured resources with a colleague or friend? If yes, look no further than Displays and Procedures in CAVE. Displays and Procedures allow you to save resources that you can reload into CAVE or share with others.

  • Community Survey: Tell Unidata What You Think! Community Survey: Tell Unidata What You Think!
    September 23, 2021
    Unidata Users
    YOU are the Unidata community

    As a community-governed program, Unidata depends on guidance and feedback from current and prospective users in the atmospheric and geoscience community. This includes educators, researchers, students, and professionals within the government and private sectors. The 2021 Unidata Users Committee Community Survey seeks your feedback both on existing Unidata services and possible future directions for the program. Your ideas will help inform Unidata's path forward; your participation is much appreciated.

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The Unidata Program center makes a wide variety of near-real-time and archive geoscience data and model output available to the university community. See the Data page for an overview of the available data types and access methods.

Mesoscale model output.