• AWIPS Tips: Visualizing Data in CAVE AWIPS Tips: Visualizing Data in CAVE
    April 21, 2021
    AWIPS Tips

    Welcome back to AWIPS Tips! Today we’re exploring data visualization with CAVE. Forecasts aren’t made from a single product alone-- it’s the synthesis of many products that make forecasts robust. CAVE makes it easy to visualize many different datasets using overlays, visibility toggles, panes, and more.

  • Welcome to AWIPS Tips! Welcome to AWIPS Tips!
    April 7, 2021
    AWIPS Tips

    Hi from the AWIPS team at Unidata, Tiffany Meyer and Shay Carter, and welcome to AWIPS Tips! AWIPS is a free meteorological software package for analyzing and displaying weather data. We're kicking off a biweekly blog series called AWIPS Tips, dedicated to highlighting the capabilities of Unidata AWIPS for research and education. Each series entry will showcase a small task or ability of AWIPS and be archived on the AWIPS Tips blog tag.

    Today we’re sharing an overview of the capabilities of AWIPS.

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