• ESIP: Community Fellowships ESIP: Community Fellowships
    September 4, 2020

    The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is an open networked community that brings together science, data and information technology practitioners around Earth science issues. The ESIP Community Fellowship program offers students a chance to work closely with professionals in an interdisciplinary, cross-sector group (ESIP collaboration area) on current Earth Science problems. The application deadline for the 2020-21 fellowship is October 9, 2020.

  • Unidata Program Center Welcomes Hailey Johnson Unidata Program Center Welcomes Hailey Johnson
    September 1, 2020
    Hailey Johnson
    Hailey Johnson

    Hailey Johnson joined the Unidata software development team on August 17th, 2020. Hailey majored in Computer Science and Earth and Ocean Science at Duke University, and briefly worked as a DevOps Engineer at Microsoft before enrolling in the Geological Sciences graduate program at the University of Florida. She will receive her Ph.D. in December, 2020.

    Hailey’s doctoral work focused on coastal morphology and nearshore oceanography, with minor focuses in both Computer Engineering and Educational Technology. She is excited to join Unidata because its mission fits so well with her passion for leveraging software to support the earth science community in both research and outreach.

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