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Unidata In an era of increasing data complexity, accessibility, and multidisciplinary integration, Unidata provides a rich set of software tools to access and visualize data.

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GitHub The following software packages are no longer actively maintained by the Unidata Program Center and are community maintained and supported. The packages are available in Unidata's GitHub repository for download and/or development. Please check package documentation and license information for support and usage policies.


GEMPAKGEMPAK is an analysis, display, and product generation package for meteorological data. Originally developed by NCEP for use by the National Centers (SPC, TPC, AWC, HPC, OPC, SWPC, etc.) in producing operational forecast and analysis products. Members of the Unidata community maintain an open-source, non-operational release for use in the geoscience community.

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GARPGARP (GEMPAK Analysis and Rendering Program) is an X-Windows/Motif software application originally developed by the UCAR Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET), for the display and analysis of meteorological data sets. Supported data sets include model data, satellite imagery in NOAAPort GINI format or MCIDAS area file format, NIDS and Nowrad radar data, surface data and upper air data.

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NetCDF Perl

NetCDF Perl The netCDF Perl package is a perl extension module for scientific data access via the netCDF API, which is based on netCDF-2. The functions in the netCDF library can be accessed by a corresponding perl script that matches, as closely as possible, its C counterpart.

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