2023 Users Workshop

2023 Unidata Users Workshop

Storytelling with Earth System Science Data:
Challenges and Opportunities for Effective, Ethical, and Reproducible Science

5-8 June 2023
Boulder, Colorado

Save the Date!

The Unidata Users Committee invites you to join Unidata staff, community members, and guests for a community workshop to take place in 5-8 June 2023 as a hybrid (in-person and/or virtual) event hosted in Boulder, Colorado.

Watch this space for updates, schedules, speakers, and registration information as it becomes available.

Workshop Themes

The workshop organizing committee is still at work inviting presenters and crafting specific hands-on activities for the four-day workshop. They have outlined the following day-by-day workshop themes, along with some expected outcomes from each day's activities.

Day 1 Theme: Grand challenges and storytelling - Weaving in Data 101

Potential Topics: Tools for exploratory data analysis, approaching data access and accessibility challenges.

Outcomes: Learning how to navigate, open, process, and articulate data without coding.

Day 2 Theme: Disciplinary Data (Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, Hydrologic)

Potential Topics: Scientific storytelling, working with multi-domain or cross-disciplinary data.

Outcomes: Being able to find, read, calculate, and visualize disciplinary and related datasets to tell a compelling story.

Day 3 Theme: Data for Machine Learning (When, why, how, and implications)

Potential Topics: AI/ML foundations (why and when?), data ethics, working with private-sector data.

Outcomes: Being able to describe AI/ML and its applications; being able to identify tasks appropriate to AI/ML techniques.

Day 4 Theme: Open, Reproducible Science

Potential Topics: open data best practices, contributing to open data and open science, data quality.

Outcomes: Learning about tools and techniques that enable individuals to participate in open science, facilitating research and education in the geosciences.

Interested in Presenting?

If you would like to explore contributing to the 2023 Users Workshop as a presenter, please contact Tanya Vance at the Unidata Program Center.