Unidata Summer Internships

Unidata Summer Internships

Boulder, Colorado The Unidata Summer Internship program offers graduate students and upper-level undergraduates the opportunity to work closely with Unidata’s professional staff on projects that interest them and benefit the wider Unidata community. Interns interact with software developers, instructional designers, technical writers, and other mentors within the program, building skill with modern software development processes, learning about data-enabled geoscience, and generally getting to know what it’s like to work in a community-focused organization supporting Earth Science research and education. Participants contribute to Unidata’s innovative data access, analysis, and visualization tools by writing code, creating learning materials, or participating in other aspects of the software development lifecycle.

Interns can choose a summer focus from a wide range of areas where Unidata has active projects. Some examples:

  • Contributing to existing data management, analysis, and visualization software packages written in languages like Python, Java, and C.
  • Creating learning materials that help students and educators take advantage of Unidata software and services.
  • Investigating ways that leading-edge technologies such as machine learning, software containerization, and cloud computing can benefit the geoscience community.

In addition to working closely with Unidata mentors, interns have the chance to interact with other interns and with UCAR scientific staff to build their professional networks. Interns also have opportunities to present their work to others in both local (Unidata and UCAR) settings and at scientific conferences like the annual meetings of the American Meteorological Society or the American Geophysical Union.

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