LDM-6 Feed Types

The table below summarizes the current assignments for LDM feed types and feed sets, used in LDM configuration files and in arguments to LDM programs. (A feed set is a union or difference of feed types.)

Primary Name Alternate Names* Description
PPS FT0 Public Products Service
DDS FT1, DOMESTIC Domestic Data Service
HDS FT2, HRS High resolution Data Service
IDS FT3, INTNL International Data Service
SPARE FT4 Reserved for IDD use
UNIWISC FT5, MCIDAS Satellite imagery and derived products from the Unidata/Wisconsin Broadcast
PCWS FT6, ACARS ACARS data from commercial aircraft
FSL2 FT7, PROFILER Wind profiler data
FSL3 FT8 Reserved for NOAA/GSD use
FSL4 FT9 Reserved for NOAA/GSD use
FSL5 FT10 Reserved for NOAA/GSD use
GPSSRC FT11, NMC1, AFOS SuomiNet GPS data gathering
CONDUIT FT12, NMC2, NCEPH NCEP high-resolution model output
FNEXRAD FT13, NMC3 NEXRAD Level-III composites
LIGHTNING FT14,NLDN Lightning data
WSI FT15 NEXRAD Level-III (NIDS) radar products and composits from WSI Corporation
SATELLITE FT16 Stellite imagery
FAA604 FT17, FAA, 604 FAA604 products for NWS use (private network), but available for IDD use
GPS FT18 SuomiNet GPS data
GEM FT20, CMC Canadian Meteorological Center GEM model output
NIMAGE FT21, IMAGE NOAAport satellite imagery
NTEXT FT22, TEXT NOAAport textual products (for future use)
NGRID FT23, GRID NOAAport high-resolution model output
NPOINT FT24, POINT, NBUFR, BUFR NOAAport point products (for future use)
NGRAPH FT25, GRAPH NOAAport Redbook Graphics (for future use)
NOTHER FT26, OTHER NOAAport miscellaneous products (for future use)
NEXRAD2 FT28, CRAFT, NEXRD2 NEXRAD Level-II radar data
NXRDSRC FT29 NCDC NEXRAD Level-II data archiving
EXP FT30 For experiments, testing, etc.
ANY FT0 | FT1 | FT2 | ... | FT31 Predefined feed set name for any feed type
NONE - Predefined feed set name for no feed types (will not match anything)
DDPLUS FT0 | FT1 Predefined feed set name for PPS or DDS
WMO FT0 | FT1 | FT2 | FT3 Predefined feed set name for PPS, DDS, HDS, or IDS
UNIDATA FT0 | FT1 | FT2 | FT3 | FT5 Predefined feed set name for PPS, DDS, HDS, IDS, or UNIWISC
FSL FT6 | FT7 | FT8 | FT9 | FT10 Predefined feed set name for PCWS, FSL2, FSL3, FSL4, or FSL5
NMC FT11 | FT12 | FT13 Predefined feed set name for AFOS, NMC2, or NMC3
NPORT FT22 | FT23 | FT24 | FT25 | FT26 Predefined feed set name for NTEXT, NGRID, NPOINT, NGRAPH, or NOTHER

NOTE: The alternate names for each feed type are simply aliases and can be used interchangably. However, aliases are introduced in LDM versions over time and therefore not all aliases are known by all LDM versions.