GEMPAK/NAWIPSGEMPAK is an analysis, display, and product generation package for meteorological data. Originally developed by NCEP for use by the National Centers (SPC, TPC, AWC, HPC, OPC, SWPC, etc.) in producing operational forecast and analysis products. Members of the Unidata community maintain an open-source, non-operational release for use in the geoscience community.

GEMPAK is no longer being actively maintained or supported by the Unidata Program Center.

Since 2021 individuals interested in maintaining and using GEMPAK have organized a community-based maintenance team. Details about the history of and rationale behind this decision can be found in these posts:

A Proposal for Community Support of GEMPAK

Community Supported GEMPAK: an Update

Access & Download

GEMPAK distributions created and maintained by community members are available from the GEMPAK Github repository, hosted by Unidata. GEMPAK downloads from the Unidata website have been discontinued.


Documentation for the current GEMPAK version is now available as part of the GEMPAK repository.

GEMPAK users or community members who are interested in assuming or contributing to the maintenance of GEMPAK documentation can contact


GEMPAK is no longer being actively supported by the Unidata Program Center. Those seeking support for GEMPAK should consult the gembud mailing list.

Unidata will continue to host and maintain the gembud mailing list as a service to community users of GEMPAK.

Subscribers to gembud include users at Unidata sites, government sites and commercial users, including the developers at NCEP, NASA, and Unidata. gembud is used primarily for discussions of intermediate to advanced GEMPAK issues, including topics such as using research datasets, developing local extensions, and customizing for site specific uses.

GEMPAK Development

Community members who wish to contribute development or other efforts to the GEMPAK project should visit


Please direct any questions to: