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[IDD #JHR-989766]: Assistance in becoming a Unidata user

Hi Jennifer,

> Good Morning Linda,
> We last spoke on the phone during the last week of June about the San
> Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's interest in becoming a
> Unidata user. Our IT department is currently installing the AWIPS/GEMPAK
> programs for us. We want to use the programs for air quality forecasting
> purposes and will need access to the real-time meteorological data.

Very good.

> When we spoke in June, you said you would forward our inquiry to the
> department at Unidata that could help find a university near us that
> could help us access the data. I have not heard from anyone yet.
> Do you know if anyone is working on our inquiry?

There appears to have been a hiccup in our process here, so nothing
has been done to identify a university feed site for you yet.  No worries,
we can feed you in the interim.

> Or, is there a specific person whom I could contact directly about
> our request?

We prefer that users send their inquiries to specific departments
of Unidata User Support.  For instance, inquiries about GEMPAK
should be sent to address@hidden.  Support inquiries
about building and initial setup of the LDM should be sent to
address@hidden.  Etc.

> Any help you may be able to provide will be much appreciated.

We have some questions that need answering to get the process

- presumably, you (or someone in your shop) has already registered
  with the Unidata website.  If this is not the case, please do so
  as soon as you can.

- what is the fully-qualified name of the machine on which you
  will run the LDM?

  Also, what is this machine's IP address?

- have you verified that there is forward and reverse DNS for
  your machine.

  This is needed by the LDM(s) that will feed you data.

- what is the operating system on the machine on which the LDM
  will be run?

  Most helpful would be for you to send us the output of:

  uname -a

  run from the 'ldm' account on your machine.

- how much disk space does your machine have?

- what kind of network bandwidth does your site have?

  This will be important when advising you on how much data
  you should be able to get.

- has the firewall at your site been configured to allow outbound
  requests through port 388?

  This is needed by the LDM.

> Thank you for your time.

No worries.  Sorry for the slow response!


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Ticket ID: JHR-989766
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