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[Datastream #QJP-354748]: GEM data

Hi Paul,

> I am wondering if there is any restriction to the display of GEM images
> after we processed them with WXP. I have not been able to find much
> information concerning this. For several years we have had it restricted,
> but this is before the CMC itself published such images.

I was not aware that one could not make displays created from GEM data
freely available, but I see what you mean given the following statement
on our GEM page:


  "Re-distribution of the data, as they are or after processing, for other uses 
   to be discussed and coordinated with the CMC. Users of the data need to be 
   of the Unidata community and have the LDM software up and running."

This restriction may be out of date as Jeff Weber got the CMC to allow us to
relay the GEM data through the IDD.  I will need to touch base with Jeff when
he returns from vacation on what his current understanding of the usage policy
is.  This should be in about a week, but I could be off by a few days.  If
you have not heard from us by September, pleased send us a reminder.


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