Rosetta The Unidata Data Translation Tool, Rosetta, is a web-based service that provides an easy, wizard-based interface for data collectors to transform their datalogger generated ASCII output into Climate and Forecast (CF) compliant netCDF files, complete with metadata describing what data are contained in the file, the instruments used to collect the data, and other critical information that otherwise may be lost in one of many dreaded README files. The use of CF compliant netCDF files allows the use of standard services to achieve the many goals of the ACADIS project. However, with the understanding that the observational community appreciates the ease of use of ASCII files, methods for transforming the netCDF back into a user defined CSV or spreadsheet format are also built-in. We anticipate that Rosetta and the associated services will be of value to a broader community users who have similar needs for transforming the data they have collected or stored in non-standard formats.

Take a look at the Rosetta poster from the 2015 American Geophysical Union meeting.

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Rosetta is an Open Source project led by developers at the Unidata Program Center. If you're interested in contributing to the project, you might be interested in these resources: