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[IDD #BIG-478502]: LDM not starting at SIO

Hi Mary,

> Thanks so much for the restart of ldm! Makes sense that a restart was
> necessary after the DNS change.

An LDM restart does make sense in hindsight...

> I will try to remember to check the ldmd.log file in the future :)

Excellent :-)

> As far as I know, Larry did not set up a script to see if ldm is running
> (and restart if not).
> Do you have a sample script for this? I could toss it into the cron batch on
> aeolus - what do you think?

The LDM web pages have a script that is typically used to start an
LDM at system boot-up.  This could be adapted to run out of cron
to restart the LDM if it exits for some reason.  Other than that, we
do not have a specific script that we could give you.

By the way, I asked if you already had a restart script since the LDM
restarted before I could run 'ldmadmin start' (I had run 'ldmadmin stop').
I figured that either someone (you?) were logged in at the same time as
I was and restarted the LDM, or there was a cron-initiated restart script.
Given that you do not have a restart script, I will classify this as
a mystery that is not that important to investigate.

> There are so many people using the data that comes in to aeolus - people I
> don't even know about!

Interesting indeed!

> So I appreciate your taking a look at this so quickly. Hopefully it will be
> another 6 months + before I have to bother you again!

No worries on the help... having a login to the 'ldm' account on aeolus
made the troubleshooting very quick and easy!

> Thanks again!

No worries.


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