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[LDM #RTH-156524]: pqact (and METAR) question

Hi Gerry,

> I've been looking at how we're storing METAR data and first, I don't
> like it.  What we're getting is stuff stored in
> .../gempak/nwx/surface/US/SAUS[34578][0123456]/<timestamp>/K<xxx>_<time>

This looks like a location specified by the pattern-action files for
GEMPAK.  Is this correct?

> I'm trying to reorganize it into something that's a bit more
> understandable, and perhaps grouped by site rather than the
> aforementioned clumsy method.

If you are using GEMPAK actions, then it is likely a good idea to
keep the current way of filing the data.  If you change things, you
will be forced to change your GEMPAK setup to match your new structure
each time you upgrade GEMPAK.

> Do you happen to have any pqact regex sitting around that might work
> better for this problem? (and, would it not be better to offer this in
> the default pqact.conf file?)

The typical METAR processing we do here is either for GEMPAK (see comments
above), McIDAS or THREDDS.  For McIDAS, the raw data is written into a daily
spool file which is then indexed for access by McIDAS ADDE.  For THREDDS,
we use:

# all of DDS/PPS/IDS | NOAAPORT textual data
DDPLUS|IDS      ^[^\-]


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