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[LDM #RTH-156524]: pqact (and METAR) question

Hi Donna,

> Tom and others: we would like to implement this pqact entry but for only
> metar files (Gerry, you do mean 'metar' files or MADIS 'metar' files,
> right?)
> This is my current incantation but wonder if I can change the ldmd.conf
> with
> exec  "pqact -f DDPLUS|IDS -p metar           etc/pqact.conf"
> (or I'm "barking up the wrong tree" so to speak.)

The '-p' flag is used to match against the Product IDs.  Your entry would
be correct _IF_ the string 'metar' were included in the Product IDs for
METAR reports.  Unfortunately, METAR reports are not tagged in this way,
so including this pattern will result in nothing being processed.

You can use the LDM 'notifyme' utility to look at the Product IDs for
any/all datastreams.  By examining those Product IDs, you may be able
to come up with a pattern that will limit which products get processed
by actions in your ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf file.

> [ldm@ernie etc]$ tail pqact.conf
> # ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #
> # all of DDS/PPS/IDS | NOAAPORT textual data
> DDPLUS|IDS    ^[^\-]
> FILE  -strip
> data/observations/nwstg_native_text/%Y%m%d/SURFACE_DDPLUS_%Y%m%d_%H00.txt
> [ldm@ernie etc]$ grep -v ^# ldmd.conf | grep pqact.conf
> exec  "pqact -f DDPLUS|IDS                            etc/pqact.conf"
> [ldm@ernie etc]$
> What do you suggest?

I think that a good starting point for doing this examination is to take a look
at the GEMPAK pattern-action file actions for processing METAR data.  Look for
the action(s) that send reports into the dcmetr decoder in 


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