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> I am trying to install UDUNITS on a Mac G5 powerpc OSX 10.5.8
> configure fails at least in part because it thinks I have /usr/local/
> bin/gcc but actually gcc is in  /sw/bin/
> (and g77 is in /usr/local/bin )
> Suggestions?

You can tell the configure(1) script where to find the C compiler by specifying 
its location on the command-line. For example,

    ./configure ... CC=/sw/bin 

where the "..." represents any other options to the configure(1) script.

> Thanks,
> Steve
> Dr. Stephen C. Piper
> Scripps CO2 Program
> Scripps Institution of Oceanography
> La Jolla, CA 92093-0244
> tel: 858-534-3991
> fax: 858-534-8814

Steve Emmerson

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