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[UDUNITS #NNP-744340]: static lib libudunits2.a


> Now I have an error when i execute my C++ program on another machine :
> No such file or directory
> Couldn't open file 
> "/home/coriolis/DEV/tools/udunits-2.1.23/share/udunits/udunits2.xml"
> Can you help me ?

That file is one of the files that contains the the UDUNITS-2 database (i.e., 
the database of defined units). Those files must be installed on any computer 
that runs a program that uses the UDUNITS-2 library. You could either copy the 
files to the new computer or install the UDUNITS-2 package on the new computer. 
If you just copy the files, then they will have to be installed in the same 
place (i.e., they will have to have the same pathnames) or you will have to 
specify the pathname of the "udunits2.xml" file to the ut_read_xml() function 
or the environment variable UDUNITS2_XML_PATH will have to be set to the 
pathname of the "udunits2.xml" file.

 for more information.

> Thanks,
> Laure
Steve Emmerson

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