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[UDUNITS #GGM-240482]: Support with UDUNITS-2 for fractional powers of base units


> Will the UDUNITS-2 package be extended to support the ability to raise a
> non-dimensionless unit by a fractional power?
> For example it is possible to square the unit kelvin, but it is not
> possible to take the square root of the unit kelvin.
> If this extension is on your roadmap, when might it be available?

There are no plans to introduce this feature into the UDUNITS package for the 
following reasons: 1) there's nothing in any of the BIPM, ISO, or NIST 
documents that I've read indicating a need for this feature or its scientific 
basis; and 2) such an addition would necessitate a major reworking of the 
UDUNITS internals.

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Steve Emmerson

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