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[Support #HYJ-545150]: [udunits] problem with utopen & -ludunits


> Thanks for your prompt reply.
> libudunits.a does exist.  When I ran nm on it, I didn't get utopen.  The 
> closest
> I got was when "open" appeared under the xml.o object (see below), but I don't
> think that's what you had in mind.
> Any thought on how to address that?
> Thanks,
> David
> xml.o:
> 000000000000018f r .LC46
> 0000000000000192 r .LC47
> 00000000000012e0 t T.121
> 00000000000013c0 t T.122
> 00000000000014f0 t T.123
> U XML_ErrorString
> U XML_GetBase
> U XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber
> U XML_GetCurrentLineNumber
> U XML_GetErrorCode
> U XML_Parse
> U XML_ParserCreate
> U XML_ParserFree
> U XML_SetBase
> U XML_SetCharacterDataHandler
> U XML_SetElementHandler
> U XML_SetXmlDeclHandler
> U XML_StopParser
> U __errno_location
> U __snprintf_chk
> U __stack_chk_fail
> U __strcpy_chk
> 0000000000000f80 t accumulateText
> 0000000000000020 b buf.4877
> U close
> 0000000000000008 b currFile
> 0000000000000a30 t declareXml
> U dirname
> 0000000000001c40 t endElement
> U getenv
> 00000000000015a0 t makeDerivatives
> 0000000000000c80 t mapIdToUnit
> 0000000000001ac0 t mapIdsToUnit
> 0000000000000000 t mapUnitToId
> 0000000000001940 t mapUnitToIds
> U memmove
> 0000000000000010 b nbytes
> U open

The library you investigated is from the UDUNITS-2 package and not the original 
UDUNITS package. The UDUNITS-2 package replaces the original UDUNITS package 
but doesn't have a Fortran-77 interface.

You can get the original UDUNITS package at 

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: HYJ-545150
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