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[Support #HYJ-545150]: [udunits] problem with utopen & -ludunits


> I'm trying to run the configure script to install MRG CDFconvert:
> http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/rmctc/cdf_cvt/

I'm not familiar with the package MRG CDFconvert, so I'll only be able to give 
you generic help. You might wish to contact the developers of that package.

> I've attached a version of configure sh script with the log of running it.  
> I'm
> writing because I keep getting the following error:
> "checking for udunits... /usr/bin/udunits
> checking for utopen in -ludunits... no
> configure: error: Udunits library not found - possibly an incomplete udunits
> build?  Rebuild the
> udunits package and try again."
> I keep getting an error regarding udunits, though you can see in the previous
> line that
> udunits is installed.  I've rebuilt udunits and gotten the same results.  I've
> tried using EXTRALIBS and gotten nowhere.
> As I understand it, utopen is a function call that opens units files, right?

Yes. utopen(3f) is the function in the Fortran-77 interface of the UDUNITS 
package that opens the units database.

> But I'm not quite sure what -ludunits defines.

"-ludunits" is a reference to the UDUNITS library for the linker/loader 
utility, ld(1).

Does the library "libudunits.a" exist? If so, use the nm(1) utility to 
determine if it contains the utopen(3f) function.

Steve Emmerson

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