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[Support #IDP-181170]: I want to download UDUNITS


> I want to download udunits,and indeed I have did it.
> But I found that it did not work well and I could not install udunits 
> successfully.
> With the help of my friend who is good at software and Linux?I still could 
> not install it successfully.
> Well,I am sure that I had no misoperations during the period of the install 
> process.
> So,I send you this letter to ask for another udunits package for my 
> computer.My computer is under the operating system of Ubuntu.
> I am looking forward to your reply and thank you for your good heart!

Are you trying to install UDUNITS-1 or UDUNITS-2?

What was the problem? Please send me the output from your installation attempt.

> yours sincerely,
> Huozhenhua

Steve Emmerson

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: IDP-181170
Department: Support UDUNITS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed