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[Support #IDP-181170]: I want to download UDUNITS


> I have put my installation attemp into the attachment,and you can read it 
> after you install it.
> As I got in touch with Linux only two weeks ago,I don't know what to do for 
> my failed installation.
> I am looking forward to your suggestions,and I hope you can offor an example 
> with the modification steps on the system of Linux Ubuntu for me,
> if it is convenient for you.

From the output of your installation attempt, it looks like you successfully 
installed the UDUNITS-2 package.

What happens if you execute the command "/home/zhaopeng/udunits/bin/udunits2"?

> Thanks for your good heart!
> Huozhenhua

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: IDP-181170
Department: Support UDUNITS
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