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[UDUNITS #EYN-795297]: UDUNITS documentation


> I am looking for the acceptable units of time for CF-compliance. The 
> documentation states that any time unit acceptable in UDUNITS is acceptable 
> in CF, and includes links to UDUNITS. This is where the disaster begins - 
> none of the links actually points to a UDUNITS documentation. I can download 
> the complete UDUNITS package, but there is no indication there of where to 
> begin. Surely, there must be some documentation that I can refer to.

Which package did you get?  UDUNITS (alias UDUNITS-1) or UDUNITS-2?

They both have documentation, but not the same kind.  The UDUNITS-1 
documentation comprises man(1) pages (try "man 3 udunits").  The UDUNITS-2 
documentation comprises info(1) files, HTML files, and PDF files (all with the 
same information).

> -Rob
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> Rob Raskin
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Steve Emmerson

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