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[UDUNITS #UVU-592022]: information


> Only a further clarification: you can read in the CF convention "the
> value of the units attribute is a string that can be recognized by
> UNIDATA"s Udunits package [UDUNITS]".
> So, in order to be compliant with CF specification I need to be sure
> that "milligram" is recognized by UNIDATA"s Udunits package.
> Can you reassure me about this?

The UDUNITS-2 package understands milligrams:

$ udunits2 
udunits2: Using default XML database
You have: milligram
You want: 
    1e-06 kg
You have: 

> Best regards!
> cristina
> p.s.
> About our data....you are right! if "milligram" is recognized by the
> UDUUNITS, then we can use "milligram" as unit for our chlorophyll,
> then we needn't make any change to our data, but simply put the
> correct string into the "units" attribute for the variable CHL.
> p.p.s.
> Sorry for my english!

Don't be.  Your English is vastly superior to my Italian!

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Steve Emmerson

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