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[UDUNITS #UVU-592022]: information


> I work for National research center in roma, in a oceanographic group.
> I'm creating a netcdf for Chlorophyll data. Usually oceanographic file
> were in hdf and chlorophyll is expressed in "micro gram" that is 1e-06
> kg.

"micro" is a prefix rather than a word, so the unit should be "microgram" or 

A microgram is not 1e-6 kilograms; it is 1e-9 kilograms.  A milligram is 1e-6 

> As I must be compliant with CF convention,
> I need to be sure to put the right name for "micro gram" into the netcdf file.
> I installed the UDUNITS-2 package our workstation and using udunits2 I obtain:
> 1 microkg = 1e-06 kg
> So....the question is:
> 1) Is it correct to use "microKg" for 1e-06 kg

"microKg" mixes a spelled-out prefix (micro) with a symbol (Kg) -- which is not 

"Kg" doesn't mean anything.  The symbol for kilogram is "kg".

> 2) does it exist any alias?

I suggest using "microgram" or "milligram" for your unit attribute -- depending 
on what unit you actually use.

> Thanks in advance
> Cristina tronconi
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Cristina Tronconi
> Istituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e del Clima - sezione di Roma
> Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
> Via Fosso del Cavaliere 100
> 00133 Roma, Italy
> Tel:      +39  06  49934342
> cell:     '39 349 1242954
> Fax:      +39  06  20660291
> e-mail:   address@hidden

Steve Emmerson

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