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[UDUNITS #XQI-380779]: new units in udunits 2?


> Can you point me to a list of changes in the terms for units in
> version 2?
> Many projects use only the units vocabulary from udunits, and
> since this vocabulary has changed it would be helpful to us to
> be able to see what's new.
> I've checked through the UDUNITS 2.1.14 Manual on line, and
> also scanned the email archive, but have not been able to find
> this information.  If you'd point me to a list of changes other
> than what's listed in section 2 of the manual, I'd really appreciate
> it!

As much as I would like to, I don't have any documentation on the differences 
in strings accepted by the two packages.  Creating such documentation is 
problematical because the input to both packages is potentially infinite (what 
with prefixes upon prefixes).  I tried to have UDUNITS-2 accept everything that 
UDUNITS-1 would accept.  The only differences that I can recall are "g" and "u".

> Thanks -
> Nan Galbraith

Steve Emmerson

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