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[UDUNITS #PPU-703715]: bug when linking to libudunits2.1.13 + solution


> i am compiling udunits 2.1.13 (and want to use it for nco-4.0.0), but
> linking to the library fails:
> The program udunits2 works, but libudunits2.so contains unresolved
> symbols (all the expat functions starting with XML_*).
> I could solve this by adding:
> libudunits2_la_LIBADD = ../expat/libexpat.la
> to udunits2.1.13/lib/Automake.am (and running autoreconf etc.)

Sorry about that.

Your solution is workable.  An alternative would be to modify the Expat 
makefile to install the Expat library in the same installation directory as the 
UDUNITS-2 library.  This would allow users to use a different Expat library if 
they so choose (one that's been updated for security reasons, for example).

Do you have an opinion on which is preferable?

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: PPU-703715
Department: Support UDUNITS
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