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[UDUNITS #RIM-618234]: Question about valid units


> Whilst moving from udunits1 to udunits2 I have found some units which
> were valid in udunits1 are not valid with udunits2 like M/S and W/M2.  I
> completely agree that units like these, in uppercase, should be invalid.

Whilst?  :-)

I believe yours is the first email I've received to use that word.  Thank you.

> However, I've found a couple of units like K/DAY, METRES and DAY that
> were invalid with udunits1 but are now accepted by udunits2.  I and
> others here think that these should also be invalid and only the
> lowercase k/day, metres and day should be valid.   Is this a mistake?
> I had a quick look but couldn't see anything that indicated criteria
> about when a unit is allowed to be in uppercase and/or lowercase.
> I'd be grateful for some clarification.

Unit symbol comparisons are case-sensitive but unit name comparisons are not.  
Thus, "M" and "S" are not allowed but "DAY" and "METRES" are.

Will that be a problem?

> Regards,
> Rosalyn.
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Steve Emmerson

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