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[UDUNITS #RIM-618234]: Question about valid units


> It doesn't cause me a problem, per se,  just seemed confusing if anything.
> I guess it's ok allowing complete capitalisation or all lowercase.  But
> allowing things like dAyS has the potential for confusion though, I
> would have thought.

I expect that people will either use all upper-case characters or all 
lower-case characters when they use unit-names.

> I don't know if there are currently any units/symbols that would fall
> into this category, but wouldn't there be a problem if there were a unit
> whose full name was very short and could be confused with a symbol?
> e.g. if "da" were the full name of a unit, it would be ambiguous,
> because "dA" is the symbol for deciamps.  Has this been thought about?

I couldn't come up with such an example (though not for lack of trying).  
Please tell me if you know of or encounter one.

I believe I could very easily incorporate logic that would initially interpret 
a mixed-case identifier as a (possibly prefixed) symbol.  Similarly, I could 
also add logic that would disallow the use of mixed-case name-based 
identifiers.  Please ask around to see if this kind of enforcement is something 
that people would want.

> Regards,
> Rosalyn.

Steve Emmerson

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