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[UDUNITS #PPU-703715]: bug when linking to libudunits2.1.13 + solution


> The best solution would be to make expat a dependency, and always use
> the system installed one. However,
> * the current manual says to 'link using -ludunits' and doesn't mention
> expat anywhere so it then needs to be updated
> * the 'udunits2' commandline program is statically linked to the expat
> program that comes with udunits. so this would have to be changed, too.
> The easiest solution (ie. least amount work) is the one i proposed, but
> i cant judge the security issues (probably not an issue?).

I'm about to release a new distribution that will check for the existence of an 
Expat library on the host system and only build (and install) the Expat library 
that comes with the UDUNITS-2 package if one doesn't already exist.

I've also documented that "-lexpat" will be necessary for linking.

Thanks for sending this in.

> regards,
> jisk

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: PPU-703715
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