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[UDUNITS #RSQ-889375]: Installation Problems


> I added the LD_MATH='-lm' as you suggested. This helped. I am able to
> compile now. However, I get a segmentation fault when I run my code. The
> segmentation fault occurs in timeindex --> udparse --> utdec.

What is "timeindex"?  Is that your program?  Is it written in C or 

> I worked
> all morning without success trying to figure out why it crashed. I was
> able to run my code on a linux 32-bit computer previously. The code now
> crashes on my new 64-bit linux computer. Attached are the log files
> again (configure.log, make.log, test.log, and install.log). I also
> attached the udunits.inc file. I had to modify this file to get things
> to work on 32-bit linux. I modified this file in exactly the same way
> for the 64-bit linux. I thought this file might be helpful to you.

The UDUNITS package works on 64-bit systems here and the "make test"
that you did shows that the library (but not the Perl extension module)
works on your system.

The problem is probably something simple.  How are you using the 
package?  If you're using the Fortran interface, then in what primitive
type are you storing the returned pointers to unit structures?

> Thanks,
> Chris
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Steve Emmerson

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