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[UDUNITS #RSQ-889375]: Installation Problems


> Timeindex is a subroutine (several layers down from the main read
> routine) I got from the web site to read the netcdf files using fortran.
> The example read routines are in file readgeneral.f. This is the exact
> file I got from the web site. I stripped off all the subroutines and put
> them in the file called readutils.f, which I link to my driver routine.
> The only changes I made to readutils.f was changes to directory paths to
> include files, etc. It runs perfectly on 32-bit but crashes on 64-bit.

I'm not anywhere close to a "readgeneral.f" expert (so you might have
to contact the owners of that file) but I suspect that the problem is
statements like this

      integer*4 unitptr

in the file "readutils.f".  I suspect that one has to use 8-byte
integers in order to hold the pointer-to-unit-structures returned
by the UDUNITS package, i.e., the above statement should, instead,

      integer*8 unitptr

You might try that.

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Steve Emmerson

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