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[UDUNITS #RSQ-889375]: Installation Problems


> I added the CPPFLAGS='-DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran' line to the CUSTOMIZE file.
> Attached are the log files for the steps you listed below.

The file "make.log" contained the following:

making `all' in directory /Users/cmertens/NCEP/udunits-1.12.4/src/udunits

make[1]: Entering directory `/Users/cmertens/NCEP/udunits-1.12.4/src/udunits'
make[2]: Entering directory `/Users/cmertens/NCEP/udunits-1.12.4/src/udunits'
gcc -c -g -O2 -I../lib -I../port/misc -DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran udunits.c
gcc -o udunits -g -O2 udunits.o -L/Users/cmertens/NCEP/udunits-1.12.4/src/lib 
-ludunits -L/Users/cmertens/NCEP/udunits-1.12.4/src/port/misc -ludport
In function `dectime':
/Users/cmertens/NCEP/udunits-1.12.4/src/lib/utlib.c:432: undefined reference to 

Apparently, your math functions aren't in the C runtime library.

They're probably in the "m" library.  Try the following:

1.  Go to the top-level source directory.

2.  Execute the command "make distclean".

3.  Set your environment variables as before.

4.  Set the environment variable "LD_MATH" to reference the math
library, e.g.,

        LD_MATH='-lm'; export LD_MATH

    You can use the "nm" utility to verify that the "m" library does,
    indeed, contain the missing math functions, e.g.,

        nm -g /usr/lib/libm.so | grep floor

5.  Continue with building the package as before, starting with executing
the "configure" script.

> Thanks,
> Chris
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Steve Emmerson

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