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[UDUNITS #COP-571847]: Problem compiling udunits on OS X 10.4 Intel 64-bit


> I installed 64-bit X-windows libraries, but we are still getting the
> "libudunits.a is malformed" error.  I am working with Rebecca
> Matichuk, so if you see a similar support request from her, we are
> working on the same problem.
> It appears that installing udunits in 32-bit mode works, it only
> chokes on 64-bit mode.  The same error occurs when compiling ncview.
> Do you have any other ideas?

I can't help you with the building "ncview", only with building the
UDUNITS package.

Would you please send me the files "configure.log", "make.log",
"test.log", and "install.log" from building the UDUNITS package.  The
files are described in the file INSTALL, which is in the top-level
source-directory of the package.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: COP-571847
Department: Support UDUNITS
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