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[THREDDS #BXM-118058]: VMS Service on Thredds

Hi Tiziano,

Tiziano Minuzzo wrote:
> Goodmorning, I'm a TDS end user and
> I've a question about vms service on Thredds.
> In all our catalogues we get these capabilities
> <Layer>
> <Title>back to top level</Title>
> <CRS>EPSG:4326</CRS>
> <CRS>CRS:84</CRS>
> <CRS>EPSG:41001</CRS>
> <CRS>EPSG:27700</CRS>
> <CRS>EPSG:3408</CRS>
> <CRS>EPSG:3409</CRS>
> <CRS>EPSG:32661</CRS>
> <CRS>EPSG:32761</CRS>
> -
> <Layer>
> Is there any way to add also EPSG:900913 (google Spherical Mercator  
> Projection)?

Though we have plans to make this CRS list configurable, currently it cannot be 
changed without re-building the TDS.

As of TDS 4.2.4, this list includes EPSG:3857 ("WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator") 
which is used by GoogleMaps and such. EPSG:900913 is not actually a valid EPSG 
CRS code. I believe it was used as a stand-in CRS code at some point by some 
applications for what eventually became EPSG:3857.

Hope that helps.

> Thanks a lot.
> Tiziano Minuzzo
> CNR-ISMAR Venice

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