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[McIDAS #BNC-331052]: Problem with ADDE Server on OpenSolaris 5.11

Hi Martha,

> I am trying to setup out new OpenSolaris system as an ADDE server, using
> the UNIDATA mcinet2008.sh script with a UNIDATA McIDAS 2008 installation.


> I had one problem in the install, as the script looks for OpenSolaris
> 5.10 and we are running OpenSolaris 5.11 I edited mcinet2008.sh so that
> it looked for version 5.11 and set use_solaris10 variable to 1. After doing
> that and running the script to install, the "mcinet2008.sh status"
> command showed adde running.

Very good.  I will update the mcinet2009.sh script in the Unidata McIDAS
distribution to check for Solaris 5.11 in addition to 5.10.

> I then set up a dataset as user mcidas on the ADDE server, which is
> called TORNADO.  However, on a client system, after adding TORNADO's IP
> to the DATALOC table, I cannot see any datasets for TORNADO.

You can not see any, or you can not get any response back from the
ADDE server.  We have seen instances on Solaris 5.10 where the ADDE
service becomes unavailable for some reason and has to be reactivated
by 'root'.

> I am attaching a file containing the output of various commands, both on
> the server and on the client.
> I also turned on the ADDE logging, and am attaching the SERVER.LOG file.
> I do not know if the fact that we are using 5.11 caused the install to
> not function properly, or if I have messed up somewhere else, as it's
> been awhile since I setup an ADDE server.

Assuming that the ADDE service is running on the machine (which the
sh ./mcinet2008.sh status invocation indicates is running), and the 
file exists and is correctly configured, then the access should work.  This
is assuming, of course, that Sun didn't do something new and unexpected on
5.11 (like it did between 5.9 and 5.10).

By the way, the TORNADO.SERVER.LOG file you sent shows multiple connections
to the ADDE server:

ADDEINFO: Start      USER LWPR        0  0.00 2009202 143913 143913 ALA.TORNADO      
           112      USER LWPR        0  0.00 2009202 143913 143913 ALM.TORNADO      
           112      USER LWPR        0  0.00 2009202 143913 143913 ALG.TORNADO      
           112      USER LWPR        0  0.00 2009202 143913 143913 ALT.TORNADO      
           112      USER LWPR        0  0.00 2009202 143913 143913 ALN.TORNADO      
           112      USER LWPR        0  0.00 2009202 143956 143956 ALA.TORNADO      

Assuming that you are following the Unidata instructions for installing McIDAS
(i.e., not mixing SSEC's instructions with Unidata's instructions), you should
have the users 'mcidas' and 'mcadde'.  Both of these users should have the
same HOME directory, namely that of 'mcidas'.  Also, both should be in the
same group, and 'mcadde' should _not_ be a login account.  Does your setup
follow these guidelines?

It is as though the file ~mcidas/.mcenv is not setup/not setup correctly or
the HOME directory for your 'mcadde' user is not the same as for 'mcidas'.
Can you send:

- the /etc/passwd entries for both 'mcidas' and 'mcadde'
- the contents of ~mcidas/.mcenv and its read/write/execute permissions

> Thanks for any advice you can offer.

No worries.


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