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[IDD #SET-184160]: GOES-W AREA Files

Hi Jim,

> According to the LDM examples for RTIMAGES shown near the top on
> https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/data/rtimages_pqact.html
> We should still be able to receive GOES-W area files in AREA file format like 
> we still do
> for GOES-E. However, after replicating the pqact.conf entries and modifying 
> the file
> locations, we haven't been able to get any GOES-W data in AREA format over 
> LDM, since the
> termination of the old GOES-W data.

Question(s) and request:

- what is the name of the machine on which you are REQUESTing
  the Unidata-Wisconsin (IDD feedtype UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS))

  I want to see if you are reporting real-time statistics, and, if
  yes, I want to see if you are receiving all of the feed.

- What is/are the REQUEST line(s) you have for the UNIWISC
  (aka MCIDAS) feed?

  The easiest way to answer this is to send us a copy of your
  LDM configuration file, ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.

- exactly how do your actions for UNIWISC feed products

  The easiest way to answer this is to send us the LDM
  pattern-action file that you are using.

> Since we still get data in the GOES-E AREA formatted
> from GOES-16, shouldn't we also be able to get it for GOES-17? We still have 
> quite a few
> satellite applications that use the AREA file formats.

There are still some GOES-16 images that are remapped into GOES-13
projections.  The question is if you are seeing these and not the
ones that are in the GOES-R/S native fixed grid projection?

> I've also haven't had much success in getting the new GOES-17 data for 
> strictly GOES-W
> data requests using the slightly modified pqact.conf examples from the above 
> link over
> the ldm. I am successful in  getting data when requesting GOES-E/W composite 
> products,
> where I do get data from both GOES-16 and GOES-17.

Hmm... seeing your LDM configuration and pattern-action files will help sort 

> Are there any changes expected in the "pnga2area" program, so that it could 
> be used on
> the the new data formats to put them in AREA file form?


> I've tried it, but I have been
> unsuccessful in producing any usable output.

Usable output in what?  If you are using an older version of GEMPAK, it
should not work as older versions of GEMPAK do not include support
for the GOES-R/S fixed grid projection.  If you are using something
like WXP, then it is very likely that it does not have support for
the GOES-R/S fixed grid projection (but I can't say for sure since
I am not current on what capabilities have been added to WXP over
the years).  If you are using McIDAS-X, McIDAS-V or the IDV, then
all of the images are available via any/all of the three publicly
accessible ADDE servers that we maintain:

adde.ucar.edu (aka atm.ucar.edu)

As soon as I get copies of the LDM configuration and pattern-action file(s)
that you are using, I'll be better able to help sort out what is (not)
going on there.


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