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[LDM #WTA-648206]: AK wind profiler data via LDM FSL2

Hi Dan,

> Finally getting back to working on the NPN AK wind profiler project.  It
> looks like data are now flowing through the FSL2 feed on
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu:
> Mar 12 16:24:47 notifyme[9147] INFO:     1324 20200312162447.552    FSL2
> 001  TLKA2-20200312162400.npn.6minwind.bufr
> Mar 12 16:25:12 notifyme[9147] INFO:     1324 20200312162512.599    FSL2
> 001  ROCO2-20200312162400.npn.6minwind.bufr
> Mar 12 16:25:12 notifyme[9147] INFO:     5182 20200312162512.611    FSL2
> 001  ROCO2-20200312162400.npn.6minmom.bufr
> Mar 12 16:25:19 notifyme[9147] INFO:     1324 20200312162519.608    FSL2
> 001  HWPA2-20200312162400.npn.6minwind.bufr

We added REQUESTs to the two NOAA NEXRAD2 relay machines and to
the ERC Broadband toplevel NEXRAD2 IDD relay yesterday, and two of
three REQUESTs were honored (one of the NOAA machines and the ERC
machine), so the data started to flow.  I need to get hold of the
appropriate folks that manage the other NOAA machine to get them
to update their ALLOW(s) so that we can redundantly feed from them

> Many thanks to you for taking the time to make this happen - we really
> appreciate it!

No worries.


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