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[IDD #FCW-166050]: intermittent ldm feed

Hi Carter,

We drove your emails to Mike into our inquiry tracking system so that
multiple Unidata staff can see the exchanges and chime in if/when

> I have an ldm feed that the primary user in MMM claims has been spotty
> over the last 3-4 months (not sure why they waited until now to report
> it).  They claim it is also affecting RAL's ingest.
> They sent a 2nd report last night with timing of the issues:  outages
> occur every 6 hours (0458, ...) and last for 34 minutes.
> Any chance you can look into the issue and see what is going on?
> Thanks,
> Carter
> Hi Mike,
> The MMM system is rain.mmm.ucar.edu and the contacts should be
> address@hidden (all IT folks) and Jim Bresch (primary user).

The first thing I note is that rain.mmm.ucar.edu is not reporting
real-time statistics to us.  This will make troubleshooting the
problem much more difficult and slower.

Can you/your user change the configuration on the MMM machine so
that it reports real-time statistics to us?  This is done by
making sure that EXEC line in the LDM configuration file,
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf, is uncommented.  the line will look like
the following:

EXEC    "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"


- after making any change(s) in the LDM configuration file, the LDM
  needs to be stopped/restarted for the change(s) to take effect

- if this EXEC line is _not_ commented out, it likely means that a
  firewall configuration is blocking the reporting of real-time
  stats back to us

In the interim, the output of the following would be most useful:

<as 'ldm' on rain.mmm.ucar.edu>

ldmadmin config

cat ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf

cat ~ldm/etc/registry.xml


- the one MMM machine that is reporting real-time stats to us,
  meteor.mmm.ucar.edu, appears to be experiencing very high
  latencies every 6 hours:


  The latency plot for any of the feeds listed illustrate the periodic
  high latencies:


  If rain.mmm.ucar.edu is feeding from meteor.mmm.ucar.edu, the high latencies 
  experienced on meteor would be reflected in high latencies on rain.

  It would be helpful to the the three outputs listed above for the LDM
  on meteor.

> On the RAL side, I don't know the who or what.  I'll ask Jim to
> elaborate and see if we can get you that data.

We have heard nothing from RAL about spotty data reception from an LDM
feed, so this comes as a total surprise to us.


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