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[IDD #JNL-913661]: Connecting to the IDD

Hi Jordan,

> In the IDD documentation it states that participation is limited to
> Unidata member Universities.

This is not strictly true.  The exceptions are:

- if there is a measurable benefit to the Unidata community, we,
  the Unidata Program Center/UCAR, are willing to feed a site
  all non-restricted data available in the IDD (examples of
  data feeds that we can not/will not relay are LIGHTNING,
  PCWS, and WSI)

  Does the USGS have datasets not currently available to the
  Unidata community that they would be willing to provide in
  a real-time IDD feed?

- Unidata university sites participating in the IDD are free
  to relay non-restricted data feeds to whatever entities that
  they want to as long as WMO Resolution 40 prohibitions are

  NB: it is NOT okay to reintroduce data product restricted by WMO
  Resolution 40 prohibitions into their countries of origin).  Relay
  of WMO Resolution 40-restricted data products is not an issue when
  the recipient is a university since WMO Resolution 40 explicitly
  allows the use of all data for education and research.

> The Center for Integrated Data Analytics
> (CIDA) operates a data center within the USGS that would like to connect
> to the IDD.  Would this be possible?

Yes, participation in the IDD is possible.

> We are primarily interested in NOAA and NWS data that supports some of
> our analyses (River Forcasting Center data), but may eventually be
> interested in other data.


- are these products the ones that are available in the NOAAPort SBN that
  the NWS operates for its forecast offices?

  The reason I ask is that we relay the data broadcast in the NOAAPort SBN
  in several of the IDD data feeds (e.g., HDS, IDS|DDPLUS, NGRID, NIMAGE,
  and NEXRAD3).

> If this is possible, what information is needed to get this all hooked up?

If you already know which IDD datastream(s) contain the data you are interested
in, we can feed you the non-restricted data and/or identify a high level IDD
relay site that is willing to feed you (we would likely take on the feed 

The technical items that you need to attend to on your end are:

- identify of a Unix/Linux machine on which you want to run an LDM

  The great majority of machines participating in the IDD run some
  distribution of Linux.

- make sure that forward and reverse DNS exists for this machine

  This is important!  Sites can setup LDM ALLOW(s) by IP address,
  but this adds additional burden for the sites providing the data.

- make sure that outgoing requests to port 388 are open in the USGS

  This is needed so that your LDM machine can REQUEST data from one
  or more upstream LDMs.

> Thanks for your help.

No worries.  I am optimistic that we can get you setup with the IDD
data feed(s) that you need!


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