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[IDD #BHG-158317]: Private sector IDD access

> Hello,

Hi Trevor, 

Apologies for the slow response, we are in the midst of a Unidata workshop :)

> I'd like to inquire about private sector/individual access to IDD (if
> possible) and what requirements and charges apply. Thank you in advance
> for your time!

Sorry, participation in the Unidata IDD is restricted to universities and 
research institutions only.

There are exceptions to this rule:

1) If you are providing back a valuable service or dataset it can be done quid 
pro quo.

2) Collaborating with a university, they can pass along the non-restricted data 
if they desire.

Please let us know if you desire any expansion on this.

> Regards,
> Trevor Parker



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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