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[IDD #HPQ-350296]: HRRR data?

> Hello-
Hello Peter, 

> Perhaps you can help me.  I have been searching for the HRRR 15-minute
> data.  Is that model available on Unidata?  Forums suggest it is, but I
> can't find it.

We currently have ONLY the surface fields for the HRRR, and it is going out 
across a "restricted" feed.

The HRRR feed is not currently operational, but is available to participating 
Unidata universities.

Unidata is expecting to have the full volume in the August/September time frame.

Are you associated with a university, like Washington? :)

If so we can allow access to the surface fields immediately.

> Thanks!
> Peter Steinberg
> 206 715 4492

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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