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[IDD #JNL-913661]: Connecting to the IDD

Hi Jordan,

> Thanks Tom,

No worries.

re: are there any USGS datasets that would be of use to the Unidata community?

> Our office is more involved in the data consuming end of things, but
> there is the possibility that some datasets would be able to added at
> some point.  That is mostly out of our control, but with the MOU saying
> that we should play nicely with other agencies (NWS and Army Corps) that
> is politically viable.


re: do you know which IDD feeds you need/want?

> I am not familiar with the layout of these feeds, but we were getting
> the data via FTP from the National Precipitation Verification Unit
> (NCEP).  They recently stopped updating the FTP, so we are not getting
> the data.

OK, we should be able to figure this out.

re: firewalls, etc.

> We will be setting up a Linux machine (likely CentOS).  I have just
> started the process, so there is a ticket, and will add your comments to
> expedite it as much as possible.  I will make sure the DNS and port
> opening are part of the request to the administrators.

Very good.

> Do you need any more information from us until this is all set up?

No, not really.  We will need the fully-qualified hostname and IP
address of the machine you want to run the LDM on when you are ready
to start testing.  After that, we will need to understand more fully
what data you need so we can help figure out what IDD feeds you
should get.


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