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[IDD #CRU-720902]: data-feeds

Hi Rodrigo,

I returned from travel last night and am starting to catch-up on
support inquiries that had to sit while I had no Internet access...

> depresion.dgf.uchile.cl
> Feedtypes
> I'm interested in high-resolution models (Global GFS),
> .. How I can get this products ?

The information you provided before this question shows that you
already know that GFS data is contained in the CONDUIT and
NGRID IDD datastreams.  The high resolution global GFS coverage
is in the CONDUIT feed, however. Give this, I will assume that you
are asking what regular expression(s) you should use in your
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST line(s) to ask for this data.

Here are the REQUEST lines I think should work for high resolution,
global GFS grids:

# CONDUIT REQUEST for GFS 2.5 degree grids
REQUEST CONDUIT "gfs.*pgrbf([2-9]..)\.grib2" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

# CONDUIT REQUEST for GFS global 1 degree grids
REQUEST  CONDUIT  "gfs.*pgrbf(..|1..)\.grib2" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

# CONDUIT REQUEST for GFS global 0.5 degree grids
REQUEST  CONDUIT  "gfs.*pgrb2f" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

I suggest that you use either the first request if you only want
the 2.5 degree GFS grids or the second REQUEST if you want the higher
resolution 1.0 degree grids or the third if you want the highest resolution
0.5 degree grids.  Given the volume of these fields, I do NOT recommend adding 
all REQUESTs... After all, the 2.5 degree fields are a subset of the 1 degree
fields which are a subset of the 0.5 degree data.

For completeness here are the pattern-action file entries for the
CONDUIT global GFS grids used by our THREDDS processing:

# GFS Global_2p5 grids
CONDUIT ^data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs\.(........)(..).*pgrbf([2-9]..)\.grib2

# GFS grids Global_onedeg
CONDUIT ^data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs\.(........)(..).*pgrbf(..|1..)\.grib2

# GFS grids Global_0p5
CONDUIT ^data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs\.(........)(..).*pgrb2f


- please remember that certain whitespace above are tabs, not spaces.  For 
  the places you would need a tab character instead of spaces are:



- I see in an email exchange you had with Steve Emmerson that you offered to
  provide us with 'root' access to your machine so we could look over the
  installation of the LDM, etc.  Have you already provided Steve with that
  information?  If not, please send the information to me as follows:

  In a separate email to address@hidden send the 'root' password
  ** without reference to it being a root password and with NO reference
  to the machine for which it applies **.


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