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[LDM #YPK-185842]: LDM request TAF, surface and upper air only

Hi Robert,

I returned from China last night; I am now catching up on email that
I had to let languish while I had no Internet connection...

> Just for the heck of it I just tried putting all of the header entries
> from my GEMPAK decoder file that I had pared down to just obs and tafs..each
> separated by |.  So far so good:
> It's ugly though..
> "(^S[AP])|(^S[IMN]V[^GINS])|(^S[IMN]W[^KZ])|(^S(HV|HXX|S[^X]))|(^SX(VD|V.50|US(2[0-3]|08|40|82|86)))|(^Y[HO]XX84)|(^S[IMN]V[^GINS])|(^S[IMN]W[^KZ])|(^U[ABCDEFGHIJKLMNPQRSTWXY])|(^S[IM]V[IGNS])|(^SNV[INS])|(^S[IMN](W[KZ]|[^VW]))|(^FT)"
>  psnldm.balloonfacility.org

Even though this may be ugly, if it works the way you want it to work, then I
say "so be it"!

Please let us know if you need our input on this issue.


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