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[IDD #JHR-989766]: Assistance in becoming a Unidata user

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry for the slow reply... I am currently in Vienna, Austria and my access
to email is sometimes limited.

> The delay on our end is choosing which data feeds we want to start with.
> We are in need of some guidance.  Given that our IT department has set
> limitations on how much we can download, we are concerned that some
> choices may give us more data than we are interested in.

OK.  I think you may be over thinking the problem up front.  Why not
request all that you think you may want and then scale back if/when

> Do you know if
> any of the data feeds might be particularly tailored or useful to our
> area (San Joaquin Valley, Central California or California in general)
> or do all the data feeds cover the contiguous U.S. and/or the world with
> flexibility of zeroing in on specific areas?

The latter.

> We know information on the
> data feeds is available on the Unidata website and, if possible, would
> like pear down what we might read up on if some feeds might serve our
> area better than others.  Any guidance you may be able to provide is
> much appreciated.

It has been a long time since you first contacted us, so I am hazy on
the types of data you are (potentially) interested in.


- the global observational data in the IDS|DDPLUS datastream is low volume/
  small.  I would get all of it.

- the model data in the HDS datastream is larger, but not nearly as voluminous
  as the model data in the NGRID or CONDUIT datastreams.  I would first try
  getting all of HDS and see how you stand on bandwidth use.

- I can't remember if you are interested in radar data; are you?

  If yes, the NEXRAD Level III data is one that can be subset for just the
  stations you want.  The same is true for the NEXRAD Level II data, but
  that is much more voluminous.

> Thank you for your help,

Again, you may be over thinking this.  Why not try to get everything that
you think you may want and then pare down if it is too much?


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