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[IDD #AND-467608]: RUC20P and RUC20B data unavailable April 5

Hi Minna,

> Yesterday, I noticed the absence of RUC data. We receive our data through
> the RAL LDM servers and I just verified with Paul Prestopnik that none
> of these LDM servers were offline.
> Do you know who we contact when RUC data becomes unavailable?

Us (Unidata User Support), but the problem may be beyond our control (e.g.,
the fields you are looking for were not included in the NOAAPort datastreams
or in CONDUIT.  In this case, we are at the mercy of the Weather Service.

> Today we are receiving the RUC data.

The question is which RUC data?  Some RUC data is available in the NOAAPort
broadcast and then through either the HDS or NGRID IDD datastreams, and other
RUC data is available in CONDUIT.  The origins of each is the Weather Service,
but one is through a satellite broadcast, and the other from top level IDD
injection machines at the WOC.  Again, if the fields are missing from either,
there is nothing we can do about it other than contact someone in the Weather
Service to report the outage.


- are you or someone else in RAL subscribed to the address@hidden
  email list?

  It is possible that the outage was reported in that list yesterday.

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