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[IDD #AND-467608]: RUC20P and RUC20B data unavailable April 5

Hi Minna,

> Thanks for the prompt reply.  I do indeed receive the NWS change emails,
> but I did not see anything regarding RUC outages. It appears that our
> RUC data is coming through CONDUIT.


> If something like this happens again in the future, do I need to contact
> the NWS?

No, I don't think that they would appreciate it if a raft of individual
users started sending independent emails regarding products potentially
missed in CONDUIT.  Instead, you should send an email to the ldm-users
email list (after subscribing, of course) noting the data that is missing
and from which datastream and asking if others have experienced the same
thing.  There are more than one people at the NOAA/WOC that follows the
ldm-users list and responds when someone has a legitimate complaint/observation
(legitimate meaning that the problem is not a local one).

Please remember that even though one's LDM is up and running, products
could still be missed if the product latencies get to be too high.  It is
for this potentiality that I say that NOAA/WOC folks will respond to
legitimate complaints/observations of data missing.

> I just want to make sure I don't waste time contacting the
> incorrect individual(s).

Exactly.  The first thing to be done is make sure that the local ingest
is working completely (i.e., the latencies are not excessive).  The
next thing is to make sure that the snafu is not some sort of local
processing error (like a change having been made to one's pqact.conf
pattern-action pattern(s)).  The next thing is to compare results with
other users; and the last thing is to ask the NOAA/WOC folks to troubleshoot.


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