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[IDD #TNF-892711]: idd.cise-nsf.gov connectivity marginal

Hi Art,

> We're going to be moving our LDM relay into a different subnet in a week
> or two which will enhance our support for data delivery.  This means the
> IP address of ldm.meteo.psu.edu and the relay machines will change, but
> not the DNS names themselves.  As long as the ncepldm machine "allows" are
> set up for idd-ingest.meteo.psu.edu and iddrs3.meteo.psu.edu, there should
> be no problem.  If NCEP uses actual IP addresses, then the new addresses
> should be added before we do the switchover.

OK.  Since I typically send the fully qualified name and IP address of
LDM nodes to the system administrator I am asking for action, I think that
it would be best to wait until the machines are moved to the new subnet
before pressing for the change at the WOC.  (There are all new people
there, and getting them to do something and then changing it shortly after
would likely cause more confusion than is desired.)

> With this change I will also
> be implementing the new DNS name idd.meteo.psu.edu for IDD connectivity to
> our cluster.  The old name, ldm.meteo.psu.edu will continue to work but I
> would like to promote the new name for connections in the future.  I will
> send out a notice to the community a couple days before the changes take
> place.

Very good.  This fits with my sense of symmetry: I would really like for
all toplevel IDD relay nodes to be named idd.xxx.yyy.edu.

Please let us know when the subnet switch has been made.


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