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[IDD #TNF-892711]: idd.cise-nsf.gov connectivity marginal

Hi Art,

Thanks for the thorough reply to my last note.  We are eager to
proceed with the next steps necessary to enable PSU to become
the toplevel relay for CONDUIT data in the Eastern U.S.!

I will get hold of the technical contact for the CONDUIT injection
machine at the WOC, ncepldm.woc.noaa.gov, and ask that appropriate
ALLOW(s) be added to that machine's ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file for PSU.


- what machine(s) do you want ALLOWs added for?

  I assume that you want one for idd-ingest.meteo.psu.edu,
  but I need to know if there are other machines that we
  should requested ALLOWs for.

> CONDUIT was the only feed I was considering when we first examined
> becoming a top-tier site, but we could provide service for the rest of the
> feeds as well. We already ingest/relay most Unidata streams as a tier-2
> relay, so this would just change the level at which we appear in the
> hierarchy and add some volume.

Let's start with CONDUIT and expand if/when you are comfortable providing
toplevel relay service for more.

re: who PSU will be willing to feed
> I don't foresee any restrictions on feeding any downstream site other than
> the commercial aspect which would be handled on a site-by-site basis.

Excellent!  We were hoping that this was the case.

re: bandwith availability at PSU
> I don't foresee 120 Mbps being a problem (especially if we add
> a fourth machine). Our networking folks tell me they can handle the
> bandwidth loads.


re: THREDDS/ADDE serving
> We're not doing much with THREDDS/ADDE service right now. I had built
> this on an older server but have not used it much. I'm intending to
> revisit THREDDS/ADDE service here again at Penn State but don't have a
> time-frame in mind at this point. If this is an important aspect of
> providing top-tier IDD service, we can discuss possibilities for this
> further.

I only included mention of the THREDDS/ADDE serving on idd.cise-nsf.gov
to give a more complete picture of what services that installation
provides.  We would be delighted with PSU taking an active role in
provision of remote programmatic access to data via THREDDS and ADDE,
but it is not a pre-requisite for acting as a toplevel IDD relay node.
Like the addition of toplevel relay for feeds other than CONDUIT, this
effort can take place at a natural pace.

I will send off the request for ALLOWs for CONDUIT to our WOC contact
as soon as I know the full list of PSU machines you would like
enabled to request data.


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