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[Datastream #IZJ-689237]: Additional Datafeeds

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the tardy reply.  I am hosting a McIDAS training workshop at the 
so my time is a bit limited.

> I disabled the CONDUIT feed last week (Thu or Friday), to see if that helped
> with our missing data.  It doesn't appear that it did.


> I've included some of
> the specific holes below.  Sorry I'm not more help - I'm still feeling like 
> I'm
> in over my head on this! I’ve been searching for more information, to try to
> solve this myself, but haven’t been very successful AT ALL.
> Some specifics holes (all of these are at 500mb):
> Garp > Model Plan View > Eta 215 Scalar:General
> Everything says "Input grid XXXX cannot be found"

OK.  This almost sounds like a Garp configuration problem.

> This includes: Drct, Dwpt_C, Dwpt_F, Hght_m, Isotach_kts-1, Isotach_ms-1,
> MSLPress_mb, Mixing_Ration, RelHum_%, RelHum_5h-3h_Avg_%, Temp_C, Temp_F,
> Temp_K, ThetaE_K.
> Garp > Model Plan View > Eta 215 Scalar:HAS
> Abs. Vorticity (s-1) works
> Everything else says "Input grid cannot be found"
> Garp > Model Plan View > GFS Thinned Scalar: General
> Everything pretty much appears to work.
> Garp > Model Plan View > GFS Thinned Scalar: Convective
> Mean_RH_1000_500 is the only one that works without any "missing Input grids".
> Garp > Model Plan View > GFS Thinned Scalar: HAS
> Everything seems work fine, except precips aren't there (missing grids).
> Hopefully this will help.

I will try to get together with our GEMPAK person (Michael) tomorrow to see if
we can better understand your problem.

Again, sorry for the short reply (with no help).  I will be able to spend more
time on this when the McIDAS training workshop is over.


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