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[LDM #CSR-510794]: archiving raw model grib fields from the ldm feed

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the tardy reply.  We are holding training workshops at the moment,
so it is more difficult to respond quickly to new user inquiries.

> We are trying to edit our pqact.conf to capture the raw (plain good olde
> grib) files as well as parse them through the decoders into gempak
> format.  However, we are somewhat flummoxed as to the syntax even though
> we are sure that it should be somewhat obvious given some of our other
> extractions of raw data from the feed such as mesonet data.  We've also
> tried deconstructing examples provided with ldm for other products and
> we are hitting our heads against the wall.
> Do you have any recommendations here, for example, to archive a stream
> of grib segments from the gfs or nam for a given time and forecast hour
> straight to its native grib file, and each file being marked with the
> appropriate time and date of the forecast?

Yes.  The first thing you should do us use the LDM facility 'notifyme'
to make sure that you are receiving the data you want to save.  For instance:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vlx- -f HRS -o 3600          <- if HRS is the data feed in question

'notifyme' will list the products received including their product IDs.
You should look at those product IDs to see if the date and time is available.
For instance, here is some output for some of the RUC2 grib products currently
being received in the HRS datastream:

Oct 28 13:13:24 notifyme[17599] INFO: 594d1d79ac2d500fdf6eb2bcfdbdc82a    21458 
20081028131322.873     HDS 101949182  YOWB85 KWBG 281200 /mRUC2 
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/200810281200/F001/VVEL/850 mb/ 
Oct 28 13:13:24 notifyme[17599] INFO: 00541d0b1614e6906df060cd377adfdb    21458 
20081028131323.148     HDS 101949183  YUWB30 KWBG 281200 /mRUC2 
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/200810281200/F001/UGRD/300 mb/ 
Oct 28 13:13:24 notifyme[17599] INFO: b01cb5657e22a3c8d70041f86ef47c93    23592 
20081028131323.148     HDS 101949184  YVWB20 KWBG 281200 /mRUC2 
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/200810281200/F001/VGRD/200 mb/ 

Notice that the date and time is available in the product ID for each of these 

One simple example for a ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf action that would file these 
products into
individual files using the date and time from the product ID is:

HRS   grib/ncep/RUC2/#(.*)/(....)(..)(..)(..)(..)/.*/(.*)
     FILE   -close  data/hrs/grib/\7_\2\3\4_\5\6.\1


- certain whitespace in pqact.conf actions are tabs:

  - whitespace between HRS and grib is a tab
  - whitespace before and after FILE are tabs
  - whitespace after -close is a tab

- this action should produce files named:


- please be aware that this is only meant to be an illustrative example

If you send us the pqact.conf file you are trying to modify so we can see
how you would like to file the products, we can look it over to see what,
if anything is not correct.

> Thanks Much

No worries.


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