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[LDM #CSR-510794]: archiving raw model grib fields from the ldm feed

Hi Bill,

> Thanks Tom:

No worries.  Again, I apologize for the delays in responding.  My McIDAS
workshop is now over, but the LDM one starts tomorrow.

> Here's a little more detail as to what we are trying to do.
> We are wanting to troll our LDM feed for a single grid e.g., 212 or 211
> of the ETA or GFS grib files.  We would also like the forecasts to be
> delivered into a single file.

OK.  This should be straightforward.

> For example delivering all the "griblet" slabs for a given forecast to:
> data/ldm/grib/nam_212_2008-10-23_00.grib
> data/ldm/grib/nam_212_2008-10-23_12.grib
> data/ldm/grib/gfs_211_2008-10-23_00.grib
> data/ldm/grib/gfs_211_2008-10-23_12.grib

OK, you would like all parameters and forecast hours for a specified model
on a specified grid to be in a single file.
> I'm assuming I remove the "close" command in the pqact file for that.

Yes, you would leave the '-close' flag off of the action so that additional
fields get appended to the file.

> Here's what I think it's supposed to look like based on the
> examples (and your help this morning).
> HDS   grib/ncep/NAM/#212/(....)(..)(..)(..)(..)/.*/(.*)
>      FILE     data/ldm/grib/nam_212_\1-\2-\3_\4.grib

This looks OK.  I have not tested it to make sure, but it does look OK
at first glance.

> (we also have our ldmd.conf set to use HDS not HRS).

HDS and HRS are the same feed.  The reason for the two different names is

A couple of comments:

- when a new action is added to an LDM pattern-action file (or when an existing
  one is modified), one should _always_ verify the entry's integrity.  This
  is done as follows:

  <as 'ldm'>
  cd ~ldm

  ldmadmin pqactcheck      <- in LDM's prior to LDM-6.7, this checks 

  In LDM-6.7+, the integrity of all pattern action files used is checked at LDM 

- the LDM 'notifyme' utility is incredibly useful for not only checking to see 
  you are receiving products, it can also be used to:

  - see if your upstream is receiving products you want

  - test patterns that you want to use in ldmd.conf 'request' lines or
    pqact pattern-actions entries

  I use 'notifyme' all of the time to verify that products I am interested in 
  available, AND to make sure that the regular expression patterns I specify are

My recommendation is, therefore, to use 'notifyme' to verify that the pattern 
are specifying actually matches products you are receiving:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vxl- -f HRS -o 3600 -p 

If this reruns nothing, then start simplifying the pattern until you get 

notifyme -vxl- -f HRS -o 3600 -p "grib/ncep/NAM/#212/(....)(..)(..)(..)(..)"

  -- or --

notifyme -vxl- -f HRS -o 3600 -p "grib/ncep/NAM/#212"

  -- or --

notifyme -vxl- -f HRS -o 3600 -p "grib/ncep/NAM"

and so on.  Once you get a piece of a pattern that matches products you are
interested in, flesh out the pattern to the one you want and make sure that
you still get matches using 'notifyme'.  This procedure should eliminate the
frustration that may arise when creating a pattern-action entry that looks
like it should work.


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